Our Auto Repair Process

Step 1: Vehicle Drop-Off / Repair Initiation


Keys Tagged
Photos taken of vehicle
Computer input
Notify Insurance Company of drop off. Collect all pertinent information for file. Set up inspections with Insurance Company as needed.
Confirmation with Insurance of authorization to begin repairs.


Customer Pay Estimate or Insurance Estimate Reviewed
Parts checked and ordered
Work orders distributed


Vehicle assigned to a technician
Technician begins teardown to assess full extent of damage
Technician inspects repairs to be done
Estimator writes Supplement based on what other damage we find pertaining to accident
Supplements sent out with photos to the Insurance company
Car continues with all possible repairs while admin keeps in touch with Insurance on all pending supplements
Suspension damage, when it pertains to accident, is addressed.


Vehicle prepped in Paint Dept.
Sanding and Initial Primer
Bodywork inspection
Final primers
Sealers masking in paint booth
Colors & clears sprayed
Paint Drying


Refinished parts return to car for installation.
All undamaged parts also return to vehicle for reinstall.
Another assessment of all other points attached to claim, including alignments.


Vehicle is wet-sanded & buffed in appropriate and necessary areas relating to refinishing.
Pin-striping and Rock Guards Reinstalled
Moldings Installed
Estimator called for a final inspection before contacting customer