Paul S.

To whom it may concern,

We wish to extend a special thank you for the excellent work you did in restoring our car from the accident I sustained February 10th, 2004. The free use of your loaner vehicle was a definite bonus.

From the first moment we walked into your office, you demonstrated a totally professional, can-do attitude. We got the impression that you were going to fix it right. That was your offer and you were sticking to it; and you did!

We have since told all of our friends and acquaintances how satisfied we are with your work, and have recommended you to them should they ever need your services.

– Paul S.

One thought on “Paul S.

  1. I HIGHLY recommend Apollo Paint and Body for the excellent work and service rendered to my SUV! When I picked up my vehicle, it looked like it did prior to the accident! My vehicle was shiny, clean, and most of all, REPAIRED. Without prior knowledge of course, I could not determine where the damage had been.

    Staff members were professional, knowledgeable, and helpful at the Sugarland location.

    I have since passed along information to friends who need repairs and will continue to do so.

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