Diana F.

January 7th at approximately 3:00 pm, I was involved in car accident that led me to take my 1992 Jeep Cherokee in to be reconstructed.

On January 7th, after a collision in which the front bumper of my car was damaged and the car could not be driven. Without collision coverage was uncertain that I would be able to afford the repairs. I called Apollo and consulted with the manager who made the process as pleasant as possible. Because we were faithful clientele he reduced the charges to $1, 500. While gathering the money to pay for the expenses, we received extended time to utilize the rental car, which allowed me to travel to work.

I am very pleased with the customer service that I received during this financially difficult and distressing time. Enclosed is a copy of this letter that I would like to be placed in your file. You are an understanding and patient employee and your kindness was not overlooked.

Thank you for this courteous experience.

– Diana F.

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